Qualified as a Drilling Engineer from the Danish Geotechnical Institute, before that a few years as a commercial photographer, later involved with logistics and shelter construction in humanitarian operations, and I have a passion for ultra-marathon running.

Now in my mid-fifties of age, and roughly half of that in the drilling industry, I have gained a thorough experience in many of the drilling techniques used today, as well as planning, managing and executing drilling and mining exploration operations around the world.

Half of my years working have been in developing countries, involved in either the drilling industry, in humanitarian programs related to natural or man-made catastrophes, or volunteering in documentaries, information projects and local educational development.

The benefit of above is that I have worked in numerous different single and multi-cultural environments, been privileged to see and work with the different cultures in both calm and distressed atmospheres, and by that gained great knowledge in sourcing, training and educating unskilled labour in all aspect of the drilling operation, humanitarian logistics, shelter and camp construction and maintenance of same.

As this website reflects, my way of thinking is very black & white, not a lot of colours are needed to do a good job or provide a good service. And the black and white also reflects my involvement as in; when I am signed on, it is to join in, not just to participate.