What I Can Offer

Drilling Consultancy

Plus 25 years in the drilling industry, on five different continents, has provided me a great knowledge, a knowledge that I'm able to both utilise and to pass on.

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Logistics Support

Deliver the knowledge to operate any logistic challenge in a project, from the initial assessment, to a complete supply chain management, including stock control, warehousing , all the way to the distribution.

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Environmental Planning

Provide, implement and execute a sustainable environmental plan, based on the required needs for a project.

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Service & Maintenance 

Develop a scheme for preventive maintenance and service based on hours of use, accessibility of spare parts as well as coaching untrained staffs in executing work.

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Capacity Building

Able to source, teach & train local unskilled labour in the different processes related to drilling, logistics, shelter or camp constructing and maintenance of same.

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HSE Planning

Provide, implement and execute a first world recognised Health, Safety and Environmental plan for a project, in close collaboration with the client. HSE planning has never been an expenditure, with correct planning it is a long-term investment.

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Capable to complete a thorough assessment covering everything from a turn-key project for a drillng programme, commercial needs, down to the bare humanitarian necessities for basic survival.

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Shelter Construction

Able to work beyond the prewritten procedures, which aren’t always possible to apply in a humanitarian emergency context, and efficiently provide acceptable shelters.