Drilling Engineer

Henrik Ortved

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Ultra-Marathon Runner

A hole in the ground, I mean, how hard can that be?

It doesn’t matter if you’re drilling in Copenhagen, Chicago or Congo, the drilling problems are the same all over the world, only the cultures and the environment around you changes. The differences have been the driving force to get me beyond back, above and below, to see, feel and learn that what I was brought up with in the drilling industry wasn’t necessary the best nor the only right way.
The strive to learn more hasn’t always been the easiest way, and several times the more I was learning wasn’t necessary as much drilling related as it was personal development.

From exploration of gold and diamonds around the continent of Africa to geotechnical soil investigation far above the polar circle, offshore drilling in the Mediterranean Sea to hand-operated auger drilling in a basement in Denmark, it has always been the context of the job that drove me, not necessary the money.

By regularly being confronted with the less easy holes in the ground, the ability to imagine what goes on down in the borehole has sort of become a sixth sense. Unfortunately, it only works in drilling related problems deep down in a dark borehole, I still cannot read a woman sitting across the table from me in a well-lit room.

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Logistics; the by far most overlooked service function.

The logistics approach to life has been practiced as far back as I remember, though back then it wasn’t logistics, it was simple order and systems.
I knew what I had and where it was, in what condition I had left it there etc., life was just easier that way.
That approach I brought with me into the drilling industry, on my sites I always knew what I had, in what quantity and in what working stage my equipment was in. It wasn’t seen as an extra task taken on, more as an investment, as if things went wrong, I knew what I was capable of and what I needed from outside.

Later, the logistics knowledge was carried over into the humanitarian logistics, or almost all of it, the language had to be moderated as the drilling industry didn’t have the same formal way of conveying a message as the humanitarian world had.

Nevertheless, years later the skills gained brought on other positions and tasks in the humanitarian world, despite not being directly logistics related, they would never have been accomplished without my logistics background.

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My view isn’t necessary your view despite we look at the same thing.

It is with looking through the viewfinder on a camera as with the view on life, we all see it slightly differently from each other. Some people want to see what other sees, to be a part of a bigger group that has done the same thing, and they go and take photos from the same angle, in the same light and get the same recognition.

My photos tend to a bit as my general view on life, somewhat underexposed, full of contrast, less colourful, taken from a skew angel and more a statement than the capture of a moment in life. Though the images are never looked up on as negative or dull captures, they are sometimes an eyeopener without being provocative.
Do my photos get recognition then? Yes, they do, but not the same as the group of people mentioned above, and not necessarily better, at all.

Over the years the smell of chemicals has been replaced with digital photography, IT and AV equipment, which have led to developing skills in video editing, web and graphic design. All of that adding to the previous non-existing profit have, if possible, become even less. But again, one shouldn’t make money of a passion, it already gives back so much else.

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What am I running away from?

The most frequently asked question from non-ultra-runners, as if the running itself needs a purpose.
The second most asked question is then, what am I then running for, which charity or organisation, because truly that would make sense. The time and money spent on this does indeed add up to way above average, and because of that, it needs another purpose than self-stimulation.

I could take a year off, travel around the world, check-in from fancy places on the social medias, cash in likes, emojis and acceptance without any other effort than spending money.
If I take the same time off and devote it to running there must be some charity related purpose, or else it is look up on as being selfish.
Why is it that, and do I care? I believe it’s only possible to understand things that one can directly relate to, such as the energy and recharge feeling a vacation can leave behind. I get the same feeling from my movement, and I get it every day, and not only 3-6 weeks a year. And No, I don’t care at all.

Just to define one thing regarding my running, only a fraction of it is running, the majority is commuting.

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